How to make Easter Chick ribbon wrap napkin rings ~ Easy craft tutorial

Ribbon wrap crafts are easy, cheap and versatile.  In this free craft tutorial I will show you how to turn a simple cardboard roll into a pretty Easter themed napkin ring.

The idea for these napkin rings was inspired by Maggy at Red Ted Art and her Time on Your Hands cardboard roll ebook.






To make an Easter chick napkin ring you will need:

  • Paper, pen and craft scissors to draw out a pattern, or download my free pattern here.
  • Cardboard tube (loo roll or kitchen roll inner will do)
  • Ribbon ~ I used white
  • Yellow felt ~ if doing a chick, but you could do any design you liked with any colour felt.
  • Embroidery thread, needle and pins.

Cut your cardboard tube into sections, I marked them out at 3cm intervals, flattened the tube and cut across it.

Wrap the cardboard rings with the ribbon, nothing complicated, leave a long tail at the beginning and then just wrap the ribbon round and round until the ring is covered.  Use a pin to secure the first overlap if you find it fiddly to hold all the ribbon and wrap at the same time.

Tie a not to secure the ribbon and finish with a bow.

To make your chick, draw a chick and wing shape onto paper and cut out.  Use this pattern to cut out the required number of chicks and wings for the rings you have wrapped, 1 each per ring.

Place the wing on the chick and sew with a simple running stitch.  You can always glue the wing on if you don’t like sewing.

To sew an eye pass the needle from the back of the chick to the front.  Make a loop and pass the needle back through the loop and to the back of the chick close to the entry point.  Pull the thread through slowly to form a knot and tease it down to sit neatly on the felt.

If you don’t want to sew you can use a marker pen to colour an eye in.

I made crown and tail feathers by sewing loops of thread and securing them with a knot around the base of the threads.

Sew from back to front of the felt, looping the thread over your finger to make an even set of loops.  I made three loops.

To tie off, pass the needle around the base of the loops, catching it over you thumb as you do so, pass the needle through the loop on your thumb and pull the loop tight into a knot, do this twice and cut off your thread.

Colour in the beak in with a black pen and stitch or glue the chick to the ribbon ring.  I stitched through the felt underneath the wing so my sewing wouldn’t show on the front.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft, do leave a comment and tell me about your Easter crafts.

I’ll be adding a tutorial for Easter Chick napkins and placemats next week so do bookmark me and come back soon.

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2 Responses to How to make Easter Chick ribbon wrap napkin rings ~ Easy craft tutorial

  1. Liz Burton March 24, 2011 at 5:40 am #

    What a lovely idea. Great to adapt these to suit the occassion too.

    • Ruth March 24, 2011 at 6:01 am #

      Thank’s Liz,
      Hearts, flowers, Christmas trees; all sorts of options!

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