With over 40 years of combined experience in the field of television, film and multimedia content creation We've been kickin' the turntables off the stage for decades. We could add a multi volume novel of talkie talk, like who we've worked with, how many network TV shows, films, music videos we've worked on but snorrreee fest!!! Just follow the process below instead: 
For nearly a decade, Summerland Creative has been a gold standard of visual content creation.  We take pride in exceeding the demands of our clients.  Our commercial content has engaged viewers on a regional and national level, has garnered awards, and celebrates diversity, culture, and brand recognition that rivals big agency campaigns.
Small and Mighty, Summerland places the dollar where it belongs.  In front of the camera with a lean, powerful path to the intended audience.
We know the primary goal is people and bringing those people to your door to serve your community's commerce.
Less Overthinking
More Delivering
Working with you and your team to build from their ideas.
Our mission statement is not a paragraph of fluffy words you have read before.  It's a three-step process.  A recipe, so to speak to a creative/collaborative approach.
1) Listen 
2) Include
3) Deliver
Brand, more than ever, has a responsibility to the people.Today, in the oversaturated world of media, we choose to create through absolute truth and at the zenith of growth solutions.
Summerland knows that the purest form of advertisement is experiential. Together we can reach the traveler, the shopper, and the foodie, and get them inspired so they may share their experiences with the world.
When we begin with a new client,
It really starts with listening. Understanding what the needs are, what excites them about an idea that’s been in their head, and the spirit of their brand.
Once we have that exchange, it’s then up to us to roll up our sleeves and get to the heart of where this wonderful budding idea might live. 
Sometimes that path is clear but other times clients aren’t sure of a good  home for their collective vision. For those clients we want to find it a home before we go further. 
Once we know it’s reach, and we have done our homework. We know who’s gonna tune in and on what channel or streaming or social media platform.  Once we have that data,  we design this idea for all the data. 
This way, when the time comes, we have the confidence the product will be successful.
While much of the approach is mathematics, the pavement on the road so to speak, the rest is entirely all heart and 100 percent creative communion.  The reward for us is to see our clients faces when they see their ideas inside the ingredients.  The ideas  that got them out of bed that morning,  before they even thought to call us!   We love investing in that wonderful moment.  And it gives the final creation a real heartbeat.

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